General Knowledge

Human Eye has 576 Mega Pixels. 

Hot Chocolate relives Menstrual Cramps.

75 seconds of laughing out loud each day reduces risk of heart diseases.

While we sleep, our brain repairs itself, acquires new information. Studies suggest that sleeping more makes you smarter. 
Snakes use their tongue to smell, they have special organs called vomeronasal system on the roof of their mouth. 
Pineapple Juice is 5 times more effective than ordinary cough syrup. It also prevents cold and flu. 
Eating Celery is technically exercise because while eating it, you burn more calories than you consume.  
Right Handed people live, on average, Nine years longer than Left Handed people. 
Snakes replace their Teeth so often that they can actually Lose 30,000 Teeth over their lifetime. 
The Lizard Tuatara has a Third Eye for Ultraviolet Radiations called Parietal Eye.
A Water Living Organism Hydra Never gets Old. It can Live Forever.
The Ovum (female egg cell) is the Largest Cell in Human Body.
The Average Speed of Sneeze is about 160 kph.
A Red Blood Cell usually Takes 20 Seconds to Circulate in Human Body.
Mature Red Blood Cells have no Nucleus. 
70% of Oxygen produced in atmosphere is produced by Marine plants and Algae. 
Cornea Tissue present in Eyes is the only Tissue which don't require Blood.
 The Poisonous Vertebrate in the World is Golden Poisonous Dart Frog in South America.
The Brazilian Railroad Worm has a Glowing head with Red light and Green light on its side.
During Hibernation, Frog Breath through Skin. 


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